Rumor: Johanna Mason Catching Fire Casting

The Playlist is reporting some juicy new details for Hunger Games fans dying to know who will be cast as their favorite characters for 2013′s Catching Fire. Today we can tell you that two new names have popped up in the running for the part of the fiery Johanna Mason. Rumor has it, Mia Wasikowska and Zoe Agelliki are fighting for the part.

According to the unnamed source The Playlist cites (and their unnamed sources have proved reliable in the past- they correctly broke the news of Gary Ross stepping down as director for Catching Fire), both candidates have been in talks for the part, but that it’s looking like Agelliki may be the one to sign for it in the coming days.

What do you think, guys and girls? Which of these two is the Johanna Mason of your imagination? Or would you prefer someone else altogether? Tell us in the comments!

  • Gonzalez315

    I think Naya Rivera would be the best Johanna!! ;)

  • Solrunklara

    Naya Naya Naya Naya Naya Naya Naya

  • Grecia

    Naya Rivera should play this paper!!!

  • Bee <3

    N A Y A R I V E R A

  • Heather Morris

    Naya Rivera

  • Keg

    No. Naya Rivera! Just the amount of ppl wanting her to get it is crazy, so they should just let her play Johanna lol.

  • Heather Morris


  • Nayariverax3

    Naya Naya Naya Naya ! (:

  • Guest

    NAYA!!!! She’d be the best!

  • Brian Ramos

    Give Naya Rivera an opportunity.

  • aaa

    It should be NAYA RIVERA

  • aka2197

    Naya Rivera for sure!

  • Mikaaramouni

    NAYAAAAAAA all the way!!!!! <3

  • Georgia Ryall

    Naya Rivera…how can anyone else get the part ;O

  • Eeka HG


  • Snixx

    Should really give Naya Rivera an audition

  • Miaaa S.


  • Carbon658

    What the heck…every single comment is about Naya Rivera. lol

  • Libby

    It’s like the part was written for NAYA RIVERA, she is perfect for the role!!

  • Ms.Perry-Rivera ♥


  • snix

    NAYA!!!!!!!!!!! NAYA NAYA NAYA NAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GIGI

    No. Naya Rivera. No one else. Let her audition! We need more POC for the lead roles.

  • Hagiographer13

    I haven’t a clue who Agelliki is (she’s not really on IMDB, my main info source) but I would prefer Mia of the 2. Personally, I was hoping for Rooney Mara … ah well …

  • person

    Too many Glee fans on here, not enough people asking if Ms. Rivera can actually act (from what I’ve seen on Glee, not really…good, but not great). Mia Wasikowska, on the other hand, is a tremendous actress. I haven’t gotten to Catching Fire yet in the Hunger Games series, so maybe my opinion doesn’t count, but if people are casting Naya Rivera in their minds simply because she “looks” the part (again, I don’t know the character of Johanna), that might not be the best way to go. Jennifer Lawrence was basically a blonde bombshell, not at all how Katniss is described in the books, but she fit the part from an acting standpoint (and had some serious cred from her Oscar nomination), and later on they adjusted things like her hair color and the like. It’s very likely that Naya Rivera wouldn’t be able to play the part, even if she was perfect for it, because as far as I know it would interfere with her schedule for Glee (part and parcel of being on a yearlong television show).

    • Carbon658

      I don’t think Naya Rivera is a bad actress at all, but her Glee character isn’t exactly well-rounded enough to judge her acting range. It all depends on the part. Mia Wasikowska, while great in a film like Jane Eyre, was terrible in Alice in Wonderland.

      • person

        I didn’t say Naya was a bad actress, just that from my limited perspective (and what I’ve seen on Glee) she’s good, but not great. Considering that she and Heather Morris were originally cast as nameless, voiceless backup cheerleaders for Quinn’s audition shows that she was at least initially cast for other reasons than acting talent; the writers did eventually do a very good job of rounding out her and Morris’ characters in ways that I could never have fathomed at the beginning of the show, but she still never struck me as being able to handle Big Time Acting Jobs. When I first saw Mia Wasikowska it wasn’t in Jane Eyre or Alice, but as a suicidal teenage gymnast on the HBO show In Treatment, where she played a very dark, very complicated character and acted her socks off against Gabriel Byrne. That’s what convinced me she was one of the “up-and-comers”.

  • kfreshyo

    Naya Rivera!!!!!