Rumor: Hogwarts Express Ride Finally?

A theme park blog has revealed Universal’s plans to link their two Florida theme parks (Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando) with a Hogwarts Express attraction:

Universal Orlando finally, though inadvertently, revealed they’re going to link their two Central Florida theme parks with a new transit attraction. Their filings with the water management district show locations within both Islands of Adventure and Universal Orlando which are part of a larger overall project to construct what is rumored to be a simulation of the famed Hogwarts Express.

The filings are for the dewatering of retention ponds amid the track of the Dragon Challenge coasters at Islands of Adventure and the service road just south of the old Jaws attraction in Universal Studios Orlando. The Dragon Challenge site plans were originally thought to be explicit enough to include a blatant outline for a train station, but those lines in the drawing are actually for the pump heads to remove the water from the pond and the surrounding silt fence.


We’ve been waiting for this since the opening! You can read more here. Stay close to LeakyNews for Wizarding World of Harry Potter news!

  • magfry

    Haha, I’ve known about this for weeks– the Unofficial Guide Disney Dish with Jim Hill podcast talked about this months ago during their walkthrough of Universal. I recommend people check it out; it’s got a ton of neat backstory– like how one of the ways Universal convinced JKR to do WWoHP there was by showing her how well they did Seussland.

  • Chaya

    I was so confused as to why this didn’t exist in the first place. It seemed like the most obvious attraction to come out of Harry Potter. Very excited! Can’t wait to get back to Florida.