Rumor Debunked? Nathan Fillion Cast for Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo


UPDATE: Director James Gunn has responded to the rumors that Nathan Fillion will appear as Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy:


This wouldn’t be the first time a director lied to try and protect a secret (“He’s not Khan!”), but as of now, consider our hopes mostly dashed. Here’s our original post:


One of the biggest rumors going around right now is that Nathan Fillion will have a cameo as Richard Rider, also known as Nova Prime, leader of the Nova Corps seen in the trailers.

It all started in April at the St. Louis Comic-Con Firefly panel where Fillion teased he might be making an appearance in the movie. When asked if he wanted a part in Guardians of the Galaxy, his response was:

Wanting to get a part? Or maybe did.

Maybe there’ll be a surprise. Maybe check the credits of the movie when you watch it.

Speculation ranged from Fillion being cast as an alien in heavy costume and makeup (hence, needing to check the credits) to showing up in a mid- or end-credits scene. Recently, Latino Review broke the news that Richard Rider would appear in a credits scene, and he would indeed be played by Fillion.

If this is all true, that leads to a ton of possibilities for future Marvel movies. Nova Prime could play the role of either Quasar (another Nova Corps member) or Silver Surfer (movie rights owned by Fox) for the eventual Infinity Gauntlet event against Thanos. It could also set up an Annihilation movie if Marvel wants to bring that epic crossover to film.

Fillion’s casting would be gratifying after years of fans clamoring for DC to cast him as Green Lantern, which he has voiced in many animated adaptations. Marvel’s casting him as essentially their own version of Green Lantern would just be icing on the cake.

How much do you believe in the rumor? How much do you *want* to believe in the rumor? Can anyone make Guardians of the Galaxy‘s release come sooner? Let us know below!

Guardians of the Galaxy premieres on August 1.

  • QED42

    A Corsair cameo would be off the charts but I bet his rights and that of the Starjamemrs are tied up with the X-Men rights.