ReWatch Will & Grace 1:9 The Truth About Will and Dogs

Committed relationships. Ah, the bliss. So much love is floating around you that sometimes it becomes a little unbearable. This is usually the stage in the relationship where you begin to question where that love should go. If you point it at each other, one person may become smothered. The next logical step is children. But what if you just aren’t ready for kids? Well, you can practice with a dog! Share the ownership and responsibility, dote on the animal, give it all your love, and train yourself to sometimes find that they are not always the easiest time efficient friends in you know. (This is beginning to sound a little too Carrie Bradshaw-esque…)


Game night with friends is a a great way to avoid the crowded bar scene and relax with some nicer priced beverages while screaming at each other in a no holds bar competition style game of pyramid. Will and Grace, reigning champs of the evening,  flaunt their ability to read each other like a book and hold a strong lead over their challengers. To their dissatisfaction, their light of glory is overshadowed by the beaming joy of the parents of puppies. Instead of showing photos of their kids and talking about school plays and baseball games, Rob and Ellen discuss their cute little dog’s ability to almost catch a Frisbee. Grace becomes caught up in the ooing and ahhing of the moment and tells Will to act more enthused.

Following yet another joke made at the stereotype of gays and their knowledge of sports (it’s a rough first season for these, so bear with it) Grace admits that she would love to have a dog. She begins to comment that she is ready for one and Will is not. The first sign of the illusion that you are in a, probably less than healthy, relationship, begin talking as if you are a couple. The heater couples in the room do not bat an eye at the comment though, seeing as Will and Grace are always the “other” opposite gender duo in the gatherings. After hearing Ellen go on about breeding and adopting, Will kicks everyone out. With a smile, of course. He’s not completely closed off to emotion.


At the pound the next day, Grace looks at all the adorable puppies sitting around in their water bowls. Karen suggests that she just pick one out and get on with it. After all, Will needs to learn to compromise and work with someone. Although Karen’s manner of delivery is never the most comforting, she usually hits the nail on the head the first time.


Will, still unopened to the best idea ever, returns home to a very happy Grace. She talks to him about his day, gets a read for the type of mood that he is in, and then announces it. She has a dog. Will flips out before realizing that by saying “I got a dog” she means that the dog is in the apartment. Somewhere. Grace continues that he is somewhere where he is taking up no space and most importantly is out of his way. When Will demands that she return the dog anyway, she goes into the bathroom and brings out the most adorable yellow lab puppy in the entire world. I’m talking about the ones they feature frolicking rough fields and nibbling on daisies.


(It’s not a tiger Will… Calm it down.)


(Look at THAT face!)


This one takes the cake though because it gets to accomplish something other puppies can only dream of: Sit with Eric McCormack on a couch and look adorable. It seems that Will’s cold heart melts once the puppy makes a move towards him. You had me at “herroo.” Woof.


After a few great days off chilling in the park and bickering back and forth about who is a better parent to the dog, the happy parents realizes they have to return to work and cannot leave the puppy at home. Will suggests that Grace take off work to stay home and look after him. Unlike some other “housewives” this girl has to work. Sorry, man. Will does not budge on doggy day care. No stranger will be taking care of his pooch. They compromise that they will split the days they take him to their offices. In the agreement Grace would like to also have the dog every other weekend and Jewish holidays. Hey, better to be prepared with the high divorce rate out there!



However, at the offices it appears that their grand plan is not going as they hoped. Will splashes Harlin with some of (still unnamed dog’s) pee from a file folder. Across town Grace tries to talk to a client about a fabric that the puppy is currently chewing to pieces in the back room. It seems that being a parent is more work than it appears to be on the surface.


Grace suggests taking a night off from the puppy might be the best thing for the two of them at this point. Will reluctantly agrees, until he sees Karen and Jack waiting for him at the other side of the door to look after their pup. He will not leave his precious little dog with the wicked witch of the west and Cruella de Ville. Grace pushes him out of the door and towards the movie theater. Once they are in their seats, he agrees that a night out is probably just the thing he needed. Until about five minutes in when he starts to worry about Karen and Jack finding the treats the puppy likes. (Don’t worry he hid them all over the apartment just in case they don’t.) A gorgeous man interrupts them to ask if he can sit in their row. Will obliges, but brushes off the guy as he tries to make small talk with Will. WAKE UP, TRUMAN! Hottie wants to chat with you!


Back upstairs, Karen decided it was in Grace’s best interest that she remove all yellow articles of clothing from her wardrobe. Including a hideous skort. Hello, nineties! Jack decides to take the pup cruising for dudes in the park. It is after all last call!


(When all the dads take their dogs for one last stroll about town.) As the pair exit with the dog Will returns home to discover that no one is there. Grace reminds him that Jack probably took him for a walk and that he needs to relax. As Jack returns and Will examines the dog for any scaring damages, Grace realizes Will needs some help. He clearly should not invest all of his emotional availability into a dog at this moment. They bicker until Jack holds up the puppies paws and offers the dog an adorable British accent demanding the fighting cease.


Grace and Will both agree that it is best for the two of them to look at the bigger picture of their lives. Is a dog really what the two of them need right now? Probably not. Should they be focused on getting their emotions in line with another person before closing themselves off completely? Probably. Is Will going to look less attractive without a puppy next to him? Only slightly (It only lasts until you forget there was one there in the first place.)

Now to figure out the perfect person to pass guardianship onto? Someone who gets plenty of action without risking becoming an emotional stone wall? Oh, why Jack MacFarland,of course! And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the tale of  how Jack receives Klaus Von Puppy.


But really Will, we need to get you a man…