ReWatch Friday Night Lights 1.6: El Accidente


It’s time to take FNL to the next level with the first hard hitting topic, racism. “El Accidente” may have racism as its core topic, but there is so much more going on in this episode. What it really comes down to is the choice of right and wrong. Everyone’s moral compass is tested and Matty and Coach come up on the right side. If Buddy Garity has a conscience he hides it well. Whether you like him or not Buddy is such a great character. He really loves football.

The episodes that focus on secondary characters like Reyes or later Mac and J.D. McCoy are what gives FNL such a sense of community. The main characters are important, but the aesthetic of the town is more important. Looking past Voodoo’s racist comments to Reyes, (hey Voodoo go back to New Orleans oh right, you already have, thank God), “El Accidente” can be summed up perfectly by Matt in this week’s Matty Moment.

Matty Moment - “I’m not Peyton Manning. I can’t call press conferences. I’ve played in three high school football games”

You said it Matty, this isn’t the NFL and everyone needs to calm down. When a student blatantly assaults another student there should be consequences. Thanks to Mrs. Coach and Matty, Coach sees the light and kicks Reyes off the team. Reyes never actually apologizes to Castor, but Coach does it for him so I guess all is well in the world of Matt’s second weird looking friend. Matty has cemented his place among the team and is even getting introduced to girls by Smash. Everyone likes Matt Saracen, which is what makes him such a great player. There’s no bad blood.


If you are going to fall in love with Scott Porter you’re gonna do it in this episode. Jason Street is not my favorite, but his scene with Tim is brilliant. The bromance is back in full force and Tim decides to spring Jason out of rehab. Lyla and Tim are less awkward than the situation warrants and despite the fact that they went behind Jason’s back and have been sleeping together, the Tim/Lyla/Jason relationship is mature. It’s incredible how three people can be so mature and so naive at the same time. Another dose of reality for you. After a beautiful day in Texas (yay Bonfire) Jason is happily rolling along when he sees Tim and Lyla hugging outside, ouch. Cover blown. Although, hugging is not much to go on J. Aren’t friends allowed to hug and caress each other’s arms?

In plot news, Voodoo is gone. He told the press (cause obviously he IS Peyton Manning) that he was recruited and so the win against Arnett Mead is a forfeit.

Not my favorite episode, but “El Accidente” is important in moving the plot of the season forward and showing a different side to Dillon, Texas. Things are about to heat up with Julie and Matt in the next few episodes and I can’t wait!

Tear Gauge: 0 – No one cares about Voodoo, Reyes, or that Castor kid


Tami Tracker – Tami (with the help of Matt Saracen) teaches her husband the value of doing the right thing, rather than the right thing for the team.

Tami Taylor

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