Review: The Fault in Our Stars


Yes, we saw it. Yes, we cried. In fact, the Leaky staff leaked so many tears over the Leaky Site that we broke it. Which is why we are just now getting to sharing our collective thoughts with you.

We’ve been rereading The Fault in Our Stars over the past few weeks and rediscovering how and why we fell in love with this book, slowly and then all at once (see what I did there?). So, of course, the reread team just had to do a review. That pain, it just demands to be felt, after all.

Okay(?), okay, I’ll stop.

We loved it. We are proud of it. We can’t wait to watch it again. We are so thrilled that this story is out there with the world through another medium and know the book will just continue to find new readers because of it. We hope it wins all the awards and makes all the money (update: it did) and continues to do John and the movie team proud.

But there’s no doubt about it, Nerdfighteria is proud, too. And that seems to come through in each of our reviews.

Be warned: there’s a lot of gushing, descriptions of our own tears, and more gushing, in the pages that follow. We know the movie wasn’t perfect, but what is?

Be sure to share your own reviews with us below.

  • Kate

    Ahhhh! Perfect reviews, thank you, thank you, thank you! I agree completely, it was an amazing movie filled with many tears. I have to say though, I honestly didn’t care about the little things that were missing. Yes, it would have made the movie even more amazing, but let’s just be grateful that it was amazing without all of that and that it did the book justice <3

  • Ally

    All of these reviews are fantastic. I’ve read a couple…discouraging ones in large newspapers from critics who’s job it is to tear into a story…but these. These capture the movie, the story, and the book. It’s an important movie. And a beautifully crafted one. I feel like it exceeded everyones expectations for it. Including John’s. Which is truly a spectacular thing. I was completely satisfied by it. It hit every note and chord that it needed to. It makes you feel how the book makes you feel and that’s the highest praise I can give it.

    I will say the one thing I wish was different. I wish the movie had ended on an “I do.” like the book did. It’s not as if the scene was missing (it couldn’t have been, it’s too important)…and Hazel was even wearing a white lacy dress. It would have been the absolute perfect end to the movie. While “okay” was nice…I still wish there was that final wedding moment…because Gus was Hazel’s forever love. So I wish the people who haven’t read the book would have gotten that last beautifully heartbreaking moment properly.

    Other than that minor grievance….I’m so so pleased with how it all played out. And so proud of everyone involved for the success of this film. Because it deserves everything and more.