Rare ‘Harry Potter’ Book Featuring J.K. Rowling’s Notes Sells For £150,000.


A first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, including notes and sketches by its author J.K Rowling was sold yesterday at an auction in London for the total sum of £150,000 (roughly $228,000).

The charity auction occurred after Rowling and other authors, including Life of Pi’s Yann Martel were approached to ‘scribble second thoughts, marginalia or drawings’ on a first edition copy of one of their books in aid of the English Pen writers’ association.

According to The Guardian Online, the copy of the first book in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series contained 22 of the author’s original drawings, as well as comments on the process of her writing and a section from an earlier draft of the novel.

Rowling’s personal annotations cover 43 pages of the book reports the BBC, and include references to the film adaptations and the series as a whole.

Alongside this, Rowling also discusses the development and creation of the wizard sport Quidditch in which Harry is made Seeker in the first book.

She writes…

“Quidditch was invented in a small hotel in Manchester after a row with my then boyfriend. I had been pondering things that hold a society together, cause it to congregate and signify its particular character and knew I needed a sport.”



Some of the books illustrations include drawings by Rowling herself, such as a sleeping Harry on the Dursley’s door step, a drawing of the Albus Dumbledore chocolate frog card and also the design for the Hogwarts emblem found on the opening page.

Rowling also added a comment underneath the book’s title Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that simply states ‘changed my life forever’ both emphasizing the popularity of the series and the effect it had on Rowling as its author.

Interestingly she has also added a small annotation next to the Hufflepuff house’s emblem of a badger questioning her decision of its final design.

The comment states:

“Perhaps the Hufflepuff house would have the respect it deserves from fans if I’d stayed with my original idea of a bear to represent it?”




The winning bid of £150,000 was won by an unnamed telephone bidder.

Other books sold at the auction were New York Times Best-seller Life of Pi by  Yann Martel as well as a copy of  Matilda by children’s author Roald Dahl which contained new drawings by illustrator Quintin Blake which fetched £30,000 ($45,108).