Not Fast Enough: Quicksilver Cast in X-Men Movie Before Avengers


2012 marked the publishing of the Avengers vs X-Men comics, and 2013 marks it happening in real life.

Bryan Singer, the director of the new X-Men film, Days of Future Past, announced today on his Twitter that Evan Peters is joining the cast as Quicksilver, the son of Magneto with super-speed as a mutation.



While this could initially sound like an innocent casting, even the tweet shows that he is effectively throwing down the gauntlet at the feet of Joss Whedon, his counterpart on the Avengers franchise.

As we reported a while back, Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch are slated to appear in Avengers 2, which is not set to hit screens until 2015. Whedon himself has mentioned that he has a story put together for Avengers 2 in which the mutant siblings play an important role. At the recent upfronts for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Whedon said he sees the brother/sister duo as coming from a tough background that “wouldn’t necessarily agree with the Avengers”, which makes them an interesting addition to the dynamic. In the X-Men franchise, Quicksilver and  Scarlet Witch were villains, but later in their timeline they join the Avengers, which gives Disney’s Marvel Studios a claim on their use.

So who gets to use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? They are mutants and part of the X-Men family, which is owned by Fox. But they’re also Marvel characters. If Marvel uses them in Whedon’s Avengers 2, which they plausibly could since they have the legal rights to the Avengers franchise locked, they would have to avoid any mention of licensed Fox property. That would mean they could probably never call Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch mutants and they definitely could not mention their father, Magneto.

The whole situation gets even more crazy when you realize that though Whedon mentioned Quicksilver earlier, the X-Men film is scheduled to be released first. This is a very Fox move, to rush in front of another scheduled property so that they have firsties on it, even if the initial development idea belonged to another. This looks like a total catfight between the two studios, with no victor in sight. They may play nice in the public eye, but we can see past the fake smiles and sense that there is some serious feuding.

Do you think Quicksilver should be in both films or will it only get confusing? Let us know in the comments!

  • Lauren Bachle

    Huh. Well there’s a twist I didn’t see coming.

  • Scott K Good

    I’m fine with Quicksilver being in both. I love overlaps. It makes it more fun. It does kind of make Singer seem like a petty bitch, though…