Project Runway Recap: Episode 13

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This is it! It’s the home visits and another designer getting tossed out the window. I know everyone loves her, but I think Anya, Grand Duchess of Bedwear, needs to be given the spike-heeled boot. The DVR offers an abnormally bland summary this week: Twelve contestants from across the country pit their skills against me another in a no-holds-barred competition to see who can Crete the best most-according-to-guidelines fashion design, building up to one last challenge between finalists.

My predictions:

  • Josh goes to either end of the spectrum, scaring the crap out of Tim.
  • Kim’s looks all make her models butts look huge.
  • Anya’s collection looks like the graduating class of some Hawaiian high school.
  • Viktor continues being fabulous.
  • Anya gets the boot.

Heidi introduces “the lovely Tim Gunn, for whom someone decided the Gong Show theme was appropriate entry music.

StraightColin says: What the hell is the vest Josh is wearing? Are there books on that vest? Is it a library vest? It’s like library cammo. Moreover, what books are they?

As we send the designers off, most of them are excited to get home and get to work. Kim is rather honest that she’s not going to miss a damn thing. Moving on to the home visits, with Kim first! Girl has trimmed down a bit, but something tells me there’s lots of stress easting while holed up at Atlas. Girl looks good! Tim makes a comment that her home is beautiful and huge, but the camera placement makes it seem like he’s talking about her butt.

The things she’s showing Tim now seem to be a little more sophisticated than anything we’ve seen for her during the season. She clearly functions better in a comfortable environment with more time to prepare. But that may be stating the obvious.  These old home photos of Kim are adorable. She looks like an extra from Saved by the Bell and I love it.

StraightColin says: And just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Trinidad, Tim wears the same suit and waddles down a pier. Now to the veranda to enjoy some white wine.

So I don’t want to seem callous, but the producers are taking great pains to highlight dead relatives for all the designers. We have Kim’s mom, Josh’s mom, and now Anya’s brother. In Anya’s case, I can’t remember this ever having been mentioned in the episode, and I just don’t understand the point of bringing it up now. Ok, she’s home with her family. But I feel like they’re going out of their way to set up emotional connections with all the designers.

Anya’s using the sister island of Tobago for her inspiration. How does that translate into the design? Lots of beachy colors, earth tones, and bedsheets. Her little fabric wall looks like the curtains display at Bed Bath & Beyond. Apparently she’s not clear on shapes and actual garments. Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

We head back to New York to visit Viktor and see how he’s doing. Tim gets winded from five flights of stairs, which makes me wonder if he has one of those automatic stair chairs back at home. And, surprise, Viktor’s brother died, too. Look, kids: I’ve lost family members as well. But this is beginning to feel like a poorly executed trope. Viktor’s collection looks solid. I’m not too worried here. That white jacket is fierce, and everything looks exciting, consistent, and well-made. Tim wants Viktor to let his viscera dictate, and I have no idea what the hell that means.

As we move on, we discover that Josh’s bronzer addiction may be hereditary. His sister is darker than he is and looks like a leather shoe. We get to his collection, and my immediate reaction is that he’s trying to design high fashion for the Muppets. There are lots of bright colors and interesting patterns here, and I’m a little frightened. However, I think there’s some potential here. Assuming he’s learned to edit and focused, there could be some really well done, cutting edge looks somewhere in here.

I’m always infinitely amused by the range of Josh’s facial expressions when Tim is talking to him. If someone makes me a gif of them all, I’ll post them to this recap.

The time has come! We’re off to the hotel where the finalists will stay for fashion week, and it’s downright gorgeous. That patio! And as Anya runs to greet Josh, everyone watching with me is immediately concerned that she’s going to shove her off the roof. As the designers congregate and unpack their collections, there is a lot of cattiness going on in the interview portions. They’re being nice and complementary to one another, then cut to the interview with someone saying, “I WILL CUT YOU!” Also, Viktor is very pitted. Sure? Unsure.

Tim joins the designers to inform them they must pick three looks that give the judges an idea of their collection. They will present these looks on one final runway before a decision is made on who will show at fashion week. Coming to assist Kim, we find that Kim likes everything and can’t focus on any three looks that highlight her collection and show her influence as a designer. I’m bored by how scattered she is and just wish she would listen to Tim. Anya’s collection is chock-full is drapey earth tones. She retreated into her comfort zone because she really only knows how to make muumuus and caftans. It’s what she’s been doing all season and yet somehow she’s in the finals. I’m so confused. And I know she’s from a tropical island culture, but every time I see her I get Half Breed stuck in my head. Something about those dreamcatcher earrings. Meanwhile, some of these looks seem to be out of Kim’s Aquaman collection.

StraightColin says: Why is Josh wearing these roses on everything? It’s like he’s going to different funerals, each with a different theme. “Am I ready? Am I ready? Where’s my brooch?”

Tangent time! I mentioned earlier that there are a few people here with StraightColin and I watching Project Runway. One is my friend Patrick who is falling all over Anya. He’s read some of my recaps and hasn’t watched the season, but he (perhaps slightly drunkenly) is all but claiming anyway to be the grand savior of fashion. He, for example, thinks it’s beautiful that Anya has had to sew models into her looks. As he’s defending this, we cut to Anya hacking three feet of fabric off of a dress. Why was there that much extra fabric?! Was she using a tree as a dress form? Who is she designing for? Back to the topic of pouring models into their looks, Patrick has a snide remark that seems to be about the objectification of models.

GayPatrick: Also, it reinforces the fact that fat women can’t beautiful.
StraightColin: No, Olivier reinforces the fact that fat women can’t be beautiful.


Now that we’re prepping for the penultimate judgment, we get a closer look at Josh’s collection. It’s been toned down considerably. These Muppets are not the same Muppets he was previously designing for. In fact, he may have gone in the complete opposite direction. The looks he seems to be going with for the judging are a lot less vibrant than what we saw during Tim’s visit. The lines are all very interesting, the construction is solid, but I wonder if he’s lost himself a little? In other news, Kim feels there’s a lot riding on this? I thought it was just a bake off.

On the runway, we’ve got just the three core judges. I like this. It feels classy. Viktor’s first dress is killer. I know he made these patterns from photographs, but the usage here looks like a very classy use of a Roscharch blot test. The zippy leather skirt is… interesting, but it looks over-styled on this look. His second look with the mirrored shirt looks like he took a page out of Josh’s design book. It’s the killer jacket again, but it may be a bit much for this gorgeous dress. I’m bored with all the sheer garments this season. This was done well, I just feel like I’ve seen it this season.  A few times.

I’m a little blown away by Anya’s first look. It has structure. Hell, it has seams. Color me surprised. And then the other models walked out.

StraightColin says: She rolled out of bed and took the duvet. It’s Carol Burnett making a dress out of drapes.

There are all sorts of sad things happening with Kim’s looks. That first shirt is a bow. Using curtains that my mom wouldn’t use in her southwestern-themed bedroom. And if Remona wouldn’t use them, you know it’s bad. The pants are ok, I guess, but with those shoes I’m just… confused. She looks like Sporty Spice out for a night on the town. I’m going to save my comments on the pink skirt for the breakdown, but it suffices to say that I screamed. In a bad way. And that last dress look like glamorous cultist robes.

I’m actually blown away by Josh’s looks. There’s a cohesion here that is startling, and just enough editing. These looks all feel like Josh in the least terrifying way possible. Bravo, darling!

The judges seem to be on my side with Anya’s looks. She has one home run and the other two are just dreadful. Michael of course encapsulates the look in a word – tortured. Kim’s two shirts are ridiculous. I don’t know what’s happening here. Sure, they’re bright and sexy, but everything is over-styled. It shows her point of view, but I don’t know that it’s a point of view that is shared by anyone. And Anya is a little too smug considering they more or less said Maria Von Trapp did that dress better.

Pro tip: If Heidi wants to put your clothes on at this point – and does – you’re going to fashion week. Congratulations, Viktor.

The boys are in (no surprise there), and the girls are shooting daggers at each other in anticipation. It’s a rock and a hard place to be honest. Kim was less terrible, I suppose. And the judges seem to agree! Very glad! Tough nuts, Anya. Learn to make some pants.

And… nevermind. Because she’s in too. If I had a hat, I would throw it on the floor. I’m so confused right now. I don’t know what’s going on.

Do you guys know what’s going on? Should Anya have been tossed out on her bedsheets? Does this episode seem like a waste of time? Help clear me of my confusion!

  • Kimmyblair

    This season was a HOT MESS. The designers just weren’t as good as seasons past. I can’t believe Kim or Anya got to the finale…

  • Val

    I thought they should have made both women out and let they guys go for fashion week. What a horrible hot mess.

  • HedwigJune

    The producers probably made the judges leave Anya in because she’s Hot. To cater to the straight men watching the show. Wait, WHAT?

  • Monique

    I can not believe non sewing Anya won Project Runway, with a bunch of dresses. If any of the other designers did that, they woud have got them on not showing enough variety.

  • Monique

    I am dissapointed, she cant even sew. I feel like she was a pretty and likeable girl and the judges fell for it. I cant believe a person who can not even sew clothes and threw a bunch of sheets on women won. Victor should have won, utterly rediculous!