Project Runway Recap: Episode 6

Managing Editor

Greetings again, fashion bugs! We were off for a week thanks to LeakyCon shenanigans, but now we’re back! Yay! Here’s what we missed:

Episode 4

  • Andrea leaves in the middle of the night, probably having realized how crazy she’ll look on TV
  • Kooan leaves in the middle of the day, like some sort of odd Japanese pixie
  • Since we’re down two designers, the producers bring back Raul. The excitement is palpably forced.
  • Michael Kors says “make clothes like mine but like yours.”
  • Christopher tries desperately to explain to Buffi that  she’s driving a train of pink taffeta right off a cliff.
  • Buffi doesn’t listen, and indeed gets the boot.

Episode 5

  • Nina challenges the designers to put together a “capsule collection” to photograph. The winning collection gets their photos in a spread for Marie Claire at Work.
  • Cut to a series of designers complaining about their distaste for team challenges
  • Since the Exodus left us with uneven numbers, the teams are uneven. Gunnar and Raul are picked last for kickball.
  • Raul is out to save his own neck, despite being told this is a team challenge.
  • Gunnar is pigeonholed into a design, but actually goes with the flow even when called out by Tim.
  • Despite the reign of Czarina Elena, Team 6 wins the photo shoot.
  • Despite being on the winning team, Raul gets the boot. For trying to save his own neck and not being a team player. That’ll learn ya.

We start episode six with Heidi wearing the first sensible outfit all season. She introduces some “new clients” for the designers. Elena is immediately dismissive and apparently Melissa has never seen this show and doesn’t understand that this is the “normal person” challenge. Good thing she has immunity.

These folks have friends who are apparently in desperate need of a make over. Johnny Lavoy joins us to explain how L’Oreal is the big push for this episode, which is fine. Tim tells us the clients have already been randomly assigned – saving us from the Button Bag – and then the designers get some one on one time with their clients.

Sonjia is down with it, and very interactive with her client. Elena manages really well to be pleasant. Color me surprised. Christopher seems fine, and Ven is treating this like a job interview. And then come to find out that Ven has an issue with her being full-figured. Here we go again. Nathan’s client wants a sophisticated midriff. And we’re treated to the best face that ever faced.

NEXT: Big Girl, You Are Beautiful.

  • Corey

    Ven probably deserved to go home for this challenge alone, but he’s been in the top a lot and has won more than any other designer….it just wasn’t going to happen.

  • melissa green

    I definitely do not think that Nathan deserved the boot
    after how Ven mistreated his client! The judges should’ve eliminated him out of principle! I’m glad you finally got caught up on this season’s Project Runway. I just got caught up myself, since I’m always working on Thursday nights at Dish. I’m lucky my roommate kept recording each episode, because this season is too drama-filled to miss out on! I’m also lucky that we have the Hopper DVR, with so much memory space that we never have to delete a thing, or else I would be out of the loop. I’m hooked now!