Popular Author Sir Terry Pratchett Dies at 66 Years

Copy Editor

Popular fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett died today, aged 66 and surrounded by family, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Diagnosed with the disease in 2007, he continued writing and often gave interviews discussing his work and the disease, all with the wit and comedic charm that has endeared him to so many readers.

He wrote over seventy books, and for audiences of all ages, throughout his career. Many of his novels were part of the popular, rich and witty Discworld series, known for their humor and satire in the fantastical setting of a world moving through space on the back of a giant space turtle.

The author’s final tweets are especially poignant for fans of the series, showing the final interaction between the author and his interpretation of Death, complete with the character’s signature caps lock speaking style.

“The End.” And with that note of finality, his own, personal story closes. But his influence lives on through his amazingly colorful worlds and the dreams he inspires.

Sir Terry Pratchett is survived by his wife, daughter, and many, many friends. We send our thoughts and sorrows to them in memory of this great man and phenomenal writer.