Poe Party Is the Murder Mystery Party You’ve Been Waiting For


What do you get when you mix a whodunit with iconic literary figures and a group of the most innovative content creators on the web? Possibly the greatest murder mystery in the history of murder mysteries.

And that’s exactly what Shipwrecked Comedy, the company behind the popular YouTube series A Tell Tale Vlog and Kissing in the Rain, is doing. Their latest project, Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, is written by Sean and Sinead Persaud and produced with the help of Mary Kate Wiles. For Poe Party, the raven-loving Edgar and lady ghost Lenore are throwing a big shindig with some of history’s greatest authors. And they’re pulling out all the stops; we’re talking the finest candles, fancy invites, and even extravagant soups.

But they need your help to make it all happen. After all, this is Edgar’s chance to woo Annabel Lee! Check out the project’s Kickstarter video below:

Poe Party has already raised more than half of its fundraising goal, but this dinner party for the ages still needs just under $20,000 to become a reality. There are several attractive incentives up for grabs, including behind-the-scenes footage, a downloadable script, signed posters, and even a chance to visit the set. And what’s more, at every $5,ooo mark, a new member of the dinner party will be revealed.

Here at GeekyNews, we’re so stoked about this project that we hosted our own seance in order to bring you this exclusive clue from beyond about the next guest joining the festivities:

The next author is someone who has been mentioned in a Shipwrecked video in the past.

Exciting, right? Here’s everyone who has RSVP-ed so far:

Sean Persaud

Sean Persaud as Edgar Allan Poe

Sinead Persaud

Sinead Persaud as Lenore the Lady Ghost

Mary Kate Wiles

Mary Kate Wiles as Annabel Lee

joey richter

Joey Richter as Ernest Hemingway

Ashley Clements

Ashley Clements as Charlotte Brontë

Blake Silver

Blake Silver as H.G. Wells

Sarah Grace Hart

Sarah Grace Hart as Emily Dickinson

Lauren Lopez

Lauren Lopez as George Eliot

Margie Mintz

Margie Mintz as Agatha Christie

Melissa Hunter

Melissa Hunter as Mary Shelley

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia as Eddie the Banker

Shipwrecked Comedy’s Poe Party Kickstarter has 18 days left in its campaign. You can find out more information about the project here. Let us know which authors you hope join the dinner party in the comments below.