Playlist: Sherlock, Sharknado and More


Because it’s not back-to-school season if you’re not procrastinating on YouTube.

Adventure of the Week: Get Sherlock from Alex Carpenter

Alex runs around London on a mission to, well, get Sherlock. Moriarty would approve.

Thought of the Week: Delegitimizing Music from Voldey

The ‘N Sync reunion – despite lasting an estimated two seconds – brought the weekly wave of “One Direction is the worst thing” to a new level. Voldey’s video addresses that mentality and its flaws in a concise, effective manner. As the Internet adage goes – “It’s okay to not like things…”

List of the Week: Things to Fix Before Going to Mars from Joseph Birdsong

“5. Taco Bell delivery. Please. If you are blasting a lobster dinner – albeit a freeze-dried one – millions of miles into space but you cannot bring a cheese quesadilla to my door, then I think this planet is doomed. Also, online ordering, please. So I don’t have to talk to people.”

Joseph Birdsong is a visionary. That is all.

Funny of the Week: YouTubers React to Sharknado from The Fine Bros

Between Sharknado, a handful of the coolest YouTubers, and Boxxy, this is about as internet as it gets.

  • Nirali

    also, Nigahiga’s Lamp video!