Playlist: Music, Meta and More


YouTube moves quickly. Between daily vloggers and weekly upload schedules, it’s easy to miss some pretty awesome videos along the way. Even for those of us who are constantly plugged in, it can get hectic.

This is where LeakyNews comes in. From now on, we’ll bring you a list of the week’s best every Sunday. Categories will rotate in and out, but the goal is consistent: creating a playlist of highlights from well-known vloggers and smaller channels alike.

Allons-y. Or something.

Song of the Week: 242 from Meghan Tonjes

Meghan Tonjes‘s new song is jarring in the best way. It’s beautiful and honest, from the lyrics, to the videography, to her incredible voice. Let’s be honest: any week with new music from Meghan is a good week.

Another stellar original song is Dear Friend, also by Meghan and uploaded onto the Wonderly channel. As for covers, Rae Sterling‘s take on Katy Perry’s Roar and Kirstyn Hippe‘s cover of Royals by Lorde were this week’s best.

Meta of the Week: All Alone Together from ShesSoMickey

Most VidCon recaps went up as soon as the convention ended, but this week saw a lot of VidCon reflection. This video in particular is both earnest and thought-provoking. It makes great points about the YouTube community and will make you miss VidCon even if you weren’t actually there. Speaking of which…

Recap of the Week: VidCon and the ER from Lauren Fairweather

Featuring a visit to the ER, a Five Awesome Girls reunion and other VidCon craziness, Lauren‘s recap is anything but uneventful. It’s also so happy (ER aside) that it makes both con angst and post-con depression almost bearable. Almost.

Mallow610′s three-part VidCon series was also a fun watch; the first one is here. And in the theme of recap videos, Raven Zoe’s Ordinary Tour video was pretty rad.

  • Daniel Etcovitch

    Looking forward to this every week!

    • ravenclawdia

      Looking forward to writing it! And finally having an excuse to overanalyze my subscription feed.

  • Brittany Lovely

    This is great. Even my subscription homepage becomes overwhelming!

    • ravenclawdia

      Right? Too much awesome too quickly. Possibly the firstiest of first world problems. I’ll take it.

  • Lauren Fairweather

    Thank you so much for sharing my video and for thinking to do this! It’s been really hard to get the word out about videos lately, even to my own subscribers, and I really appreciate it. I’m going through and watching the other videos you’ve recommended right now!

    • ravenclawdia

      This is so sweet and encouraging! I’m so, so happy you enjoy the idea. Including your video was a no-brainer; you’ve been a constant source of inspiration and awesome content to watch for years. This comment honestly made my day. Thank you!