Pixar & Disney D23 Expo Round-Up


Disney fans will know that the D23 Expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center this week, announcing news on upcoming projects and celebrating the Disney fandom. The Expo features all things Disney, including panels, performances, exhibitors, and cosplay. Over the weekend a lot of news came out about Pixar and Disney’s new projects, including clips, concept art, and who’s playing who.



Frozen is Disney’s next big film, hitting cinemas November 27th this year. The movie stars a whole host of Broadway musical talent, including Idina Menzel as Elza, “The Snow Queen”. She treated panel attendees to a performance of an original song from the movie;

A few other clips were also shown at the panel, and the producers talked about how they wanted it to have that classic Disney feel. Star of the film, Kristen Bell was also in attendance as well as Josh Gad who plays a comical snowman.

An old school Mickey cartoon short, entitled Get a Horse, will precede the film when it hits cinemas.

Big Hero 6

A quick preview from director Don Hall was all that Disney’s first animated Marvel movie got at the Expo. The film is not set for release until next year but some details were revealed.  The movie takes place in  ”San Fransokyo” – a mix of San Francisco and Toyko. The movie revolves around 14-year-old tech wiz and his team, including Baymax the robot; as well as Gogo, Honey Lemon,  a sushi chef named Wasabi and a fanboy named Fred – that makes six by my count. Any fans of the original comics will probably be able to figure out roughly what the movie will be about and what to expect.



The movie starring Angelina Jolie in the title role tells the origin story of Sleeping Beauty villain, Malificent. The movie looks at how a once good-hearted Malificent is turned evil by betrayal. She then discovers later in life that Aurora (Elle Fanning) may be the answer to her true happiness. I’m thinking something similar to Wicked her – the good portrayed as bad and all.

The new logo (above) was released and Jolie appeared at the panel, which was a surprise for fans.




This movie has been kept pretty hush-hush for a while, but something revealed this past weekend. The film is live action starring George Clooney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this movie was presented with the appearance of a “dusty old box”;

The box, found in the Disney archives, was full of mysterious items from Disney, and the [creators] didn’t seem to have a lot of answers for what they all mean. There was also a blueprint from the ride and some mysterious insignias. They said these items helped inspire the film.

The disk appeared to have strange and innovating animations, hence Tomorrowland. Any Walt Disney fans will be able to tell you that he was a lover of futuristic life and progress. I mean, that’s literally what EPCOT is about.


There is little news about this new animated feature which was announced on Friday of the Expo. The story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, centers around “animals who live in a modern world that they created”. The world seems to be shaping up nicely however, with locations including ; Tundra Town, for cold weather animals; and Sahara Square which is a cross between Dubai and Monte Carlo. There is a place for every kind of animal!


The main characters are an unconventional friendship of a fox (named Nick Wilde) and rabbit (named Lt. Judy Hops). Wilde is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and so he must work to clear his name. No casting has been announced for this movie yet.

Zootopia is set to be released in 2016. Looking at Disney’s previous release slate of untitled movies this could either be April 4 or November 23.

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