Party Down Reunion in Veronica Mars Movie? Martin Starr & Ken Marino Join the Cast


Two new cast members have been added to the Veronica Mars movie cast list: Martin Starr and Ken Marino! Rob Thomas commented on the most recent Kickstarter Backer e-mail that the set is begging to feel ” like a trial run for a Party Down reunion.” It should, considering that now makes seven Party Down alumni in total. So we have one new Veronica Mars member (Martin Starr) and one returning (Ken Marino). You can check out the previous cast announcements here.

Rumors of Starr joining the cast cropped up last week when he posted a very obvious picture on Instagram. Now the rumor has been confirmed as true, and he will be playing a new member of the 09 crew returning for the Neptune ten year reunion – Lou “Cobb” Cobbler. Both Thomas and Starr seem to be excited about working together on the film.

martin starr

There was even a little message included in the e-mail, from Starr:

“Hello. I’m so incredibly excited to work with Rob and Dan and Kristen and Enrico once again! Each one a treasure in a flesh casing. Don’t you worry Kickstarters (Is that what you’d prefer to be called? Or perhaps you’re the Kickstartees? I know not.) I’ll give those lovely fleshy bags of organs a hug for each one of you individually. This may take me a couple months and perhaps cost me a few subsequent months in jail time for stalking. Time will tell. I’ll update you all on twitter.

Martin Starr”

Marino will be returning to his role as Keith’s rival private investigator, Vinnie Van Lowe, who also left a message:

I would totally love to see ‘Vinnie Van Lowe Blow’! But it looks like we may just have to settle for him in the Veronica Mars movie. Which is totally fine as well.

There are still more announcements to come, and 30 backers were on set as extras last night. Thomas did leave us on a bit of a cliffhanger in the most recent e-mail though; “there’s going to be one hell of a fight at the Neptune Reunion.” He says this just after announcing Marino? Now that’s just mean.


Edited by: Cameron Brown