Parade’s End Premieres Tonight on HBO


HBO marketing is usually extreme in New York. From bus billboards, to commercials, to newspapers, to 40ft Times Square posters, ads for HBO series like Girls and Game of Thrones are everywhere, but the marketing team dropped the ball on this one. Imagine my surprise when opening my NY Times this morning I was graced with a full body shot of Benedict Cumberbatch in Edwardian apparel. 


The new BBC/HBO mini-series Parade’s End starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall premieres tonight on HBO and it looks AMAZING. The show premiered in England last summer so for all you Brits, please feel free to call me out for not realizing this was happening. (Disclaimer: the rest of the LeakyNews staff is likely to be less ignorant than me, but I just had to post about this show)

Tom Stoppard, one of the most renowned playwrights of our time, adapted Ford Madox Ford’s tetralogy of novels into this five part television series. The series follows Christopher Tietjens (Cumberbatch) a government statistician from a wealthy family during World War I. Tietjens’ wife Silvia (Hall) is not that interested in him and seems to be set on destroying him. He also may or may not be the father of his wife’s child. Now that sounds like the makings of another soap style Downton Abbey, but with Tom Stoppard at the helm, Parade’s End will dig deeper than you might expect. Its run in England led to widespread acclaim. Grace Dent of The Independent called it “one of the finest things the BBC has ever made”. So set your DVRs and get ready for some awesome period hootenannies and 5 hours of Benedict Cumberbatch on your TV. We couldn’t be more excited.

Parades End. Call Sheet # 48

Out of curiosity, was Parade’s End well marketed where you live? Were there magazine ads, commercials, anything? Let me know in the comments. It seems bizarre that a show which could run on the fans of Downtown Abbey and Sherlock was so poorly advertised. Here’s the awesome trailer, which was never shown on my TV.

Part 1 and 2 of Parade’s End will air Tuesday Feb 26th at 9pm on HBO

Part 3 and 4 will air Wednesday Feb 27 at 9pm

Part 5 will air Thursday Feb 28 at 9pm



  • theitgirl

    I’ve never even heard of it. alas.

  • Larissa

    it was not well marketed here in Los Angeles….fortunately I’d heard about it from some London based friends and waited in anticipation. It is no Downton Abbely so expect drama on a completely different level. I’ve watched it twice. However I don’t entirely understand how someone could be ruined by a dishonored check, so I would like that to be explained to me?