Pacific Rim 2 to be Directed by Daredevil’s Steven S. DeKnight

Kaiju and Jaeger groupies rejoice! Pacific Rim 2 is a thing again and it now has Daredevil‘s Steven S. DeKnight at its helm. The apocalypse has been cancelled!

The revival of Pacific Rim 2 comes as quite a surprise, especially after such back and forth news on the fate of the film broke last year. One minute it was cancelled, the next it was back, and then it was thrown back into limbo with no plans of ever actually being produced. It’s clear now that reports of the film’s death had been greatly exaggerated. Fans will certainly be elated over the news that the studio hasn’t yet given up on Guillermo Del Toro’s epic 2013 monster vs. robot film.

Pacific Rim 2 will be DeKnight’s feature film debut, but fans of Netflix’s Daredevil series will be quick to chime in his favor. He has all the talent necessary to make an incredibly successful successor to the original, and any stylistic opportunities he might have will be bolstered by Del Toro’s continued involvement at a producer level. DeKnight has shown that he can carry the comic book aesthetic beautifully, so if anyone can keep up with Del Toro’s straight-out-of-a-graphic-novel stylized look, it’s him.

There’s no new information regarding a release date, but signing on a director is a good sign that the studio is finally ready to move forward and make some concrete plans. We’ll certainly be on the lookout for any news as it breaks, but for now let us know what you think of DeKnight in the comments, and don’t forget to show us just how excited you are that Pacific Rim 2 has risen from the dead!