“Oh my god. I’m Rachel Berry!”


Head right now to TVLine to watch a promo for next week’s GLEE, in which Tina falls, bumps her head in the school fountain, and wakes up dreaming that everyone has switched bodies. Be on the lookout for: Mark Salling’s hilarious head-bopping interpretation of Darren Criss’s mannerisms.

Glee has also officially released two videos previewing next week’s two-hour finale.

First, a sneak peek at the making of the body-snatching episode:

And a performance of “What a Feeling,” with Rachel and Tina power dancing through the hallways, caressing lockers, and bouncing onto the bus heading to Chicago for Nationals: clearly the only way this could have been done on this show. (We mean that sincerely.)

Little bit of armchair quarterbacking before the game is even played? Really, are we going to just find out that Tina has a thing for competing with Rachel when it’s never been so much as hinted at in three seasons? Well, it means we get Darren in a mohawk, and that’s a price we just have to pay.

  • http://twitter.com/themaddestcat Catherine W.

    This episode looks hilarious and kind of makes me want to watch Glee again. GOOD.