Nick Pitera Smashes “Let Me Be Your Star”

Managing Editor

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Nick Pitera here. And it’s certainly no secret that we have a borderline unhealthy fascination with Smash. And with good reason, of course, because holy crap the drama and the melodrama and The Baroness!

Well thankfully, we can now have a little bit of both with Nick’s latest cover.

Nick once again adds his special touch to an awesome song. And if it weren’t for his day job in animation, I’d say that the folks at Smash are passing up a good thing if they overlook Nick for a cameo. Or maybe he can do both? We can only hope!

Want to know more about Nick? We’ve got a musician profile in the making! We’ll cover his first single, his passion for animation and Disney,  and a lot more. Stay tuned!