Do You Hear Nick Pitera Sing?

Managing Editor

It’s probably fair to assume there are plenty of musical theatre geeks knocking about on Leaky News who are waiting in anticipation for this December’s release of Les Miserables. The film, as you’ll remember, stars Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, Anne Hathaway, and a number of other people we’re all excited to see sing on screen. We can only watch the trailer so many times before we start clamoring for more.

Thankfully for us, the official Les Mis Facebook page pointed us in the direction of Nick Pitera’s latest YouTube medley, “One Man Les Miserables Nick Pitera Medley.” And like all his other covers and medleys, it’s just… stirring? Amazing? I have no words, just feels.

Nick Pitera himself is a vocal tour de force, having gained considerable internet notoriety and a YouTube following for his Part of Your World and A Whole New World covers, not to mention his One Man Disney Movie and Phantom of the Opera Medley. He even did this awesome duet with fellow YouTuber and LeakyCon guest Meghan Tonjes, and of course has charmed audiences at VidCon. And by day (because we live in a world where this voice needs a day job), he’s an animator at Pixar. Amazing. He even posted his senior thesis, which he animated and voiced.

Really, Nick Pitera isn’t news. He’s been around, and if you’re even remotely a Disney fan or YouTube musician aficionado, you know exactly who Nick is. Nick is the sort of vocalist that makes me feel like a hipster when I talk about him. “Oh, you don’t know Nick Pitera? Well, he’s not mainstream so I guess you wouldn’t.” But every single time he posts something new, I’m amazed. And this marries my adoration for Nick with my excitement for Les Mis.

Hopefully this gets you through until we get another trailer. Certainly we’ll see more media closer to Christmas. We’re staying glued to the official Les Mis Movie site, and you can count on us for updates as they come. And special thanks to Alexi Papalexopoulos for use of his awesome Nick Pateria shot. Check out more of Alexi’s photography at!

So what do you guys think? Isn’t Nick just dreamy as all get out? Let us know in the comments!

  • Ray Whiting

    Nick is amazing (duh! I’ve loved his work since his first posting for the “Lend us your voice” contest), and he’s grown a lot over the years and keeps pushing his limits further. His “Les Mis” is not one of his best works (in my personal opinion, which carries no weight beyond my own shoulders), but still better than just about any other artist of his type could produce. I don’t like all his phrasing on this one, or his over-rolled Rs; his mid-Western accent has always annoyed me with his Ts and Ds, too (nearly always too hard, needs to soften them), but that’s not unique to this production. Even so, I’d give him a strong A- on this one … and dare anyone else to even come close.

  • Amanda M. Selby

    I am totally in love with Nick Pitera. I was completely blown away the first time I watched one of his videos, and he continues to amaze me with everything he does. I’m sure he’ll do great things. <3

  • sasayaku

    He has amazing talent, and a gorgeous voice! You should hear his Phantom of the Opera medley!

  • Catherine W.


  • Jennifer

    He’s crazy versatile. What a great cast of characters and video!

  • Vanessa B.

    lol been watching his videos for a few years now.. He’s great.

  • Jo Cowan

    Nick is amazing – we love watching his videos and listening to him put his heart and soul into the songs. Thank you so much.

  • jose

    one man disney is sooo awsome

  • Jaime Nicole

    I don’t think this was as good as a his things. I think he’s sung a little too much Disney and a lot of this had too much Disney for me to really get into it. No doubt, his voice is breathtaking and no one else can do what he can do, but I don’t Les Mis and Disney blend and it bugs me…