UPDATE: Nick Pitera’s First Single (and Music Video!) Available Now

Managing Editor

Disney fan and medley virtuoso Nick Pitera released his first single on iTunes today. Better Days shows is an almost haunting but ultimately uplifting ballad that reminds us all that love is waiting around the bend.

With clear nods to his roots in both Disney and musical theater – with just a hint of Michael Jackson mixed in – Pitera’s Better Days is a solid freshman step into the realm of original creations. The single is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.com, with a music video in the offering soon.

Want more Nick Pitera? You could always check out his YouTube page, of course, but you could also come back here. Leaky News will have an exclusive musician profile with Nick Pitera in the very near future. Spolier alert: he’s awesome.

Pick up his single and check out some videos. Have a question for Nick? Let us know in the comments and yours could get asked!

UPDATE: The music video is now live!