The Newsroom Will Be Back! But Only For One More Season

All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. HBO officially renewed The Newsroom for a third season, but also announced it would be the series’ final one.

The series debuted in summer 2012 to somewhat mixed reviews. A number of people decried Aaron Sorkin for his less-than-favorable portrayals of women. Many dismissed it as nothing more than a liberal fantasy. For Sorkin faithfuls, though, the witty banter and impassioned monologues about the way the world should be run were a breath of fresh air. By taking events from recent memory, the writers were able to show an idealized world where levelheaded journalists work in cable news. It showed the way things could be in a world where facts were more highly valued than rhetoric.

The series might be coming to an end, but we’ll still get one more run with our friends at News Night. And just think of all the things Will has to rant about. The second season ended with the 2012 presidential election. Since then, we’ve had Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, a government shutdown, and so much more in the world of ridiculous partisan politics. Sorkin and his team of writers will have plenty of material.

Speaking of Sorkin’s writers, if you were a fan of The Office, you should recognize the newest executive producer to join the staff. Everyone’s favorite HR sad sack Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein) will join Sorkin and Scott Rudin to help write the final episodes. There has not been an air date announced, but the final season should debut sometime this fall.

  • QED42

    I’m surprised it took them this long to kill the show honestly. It never felt like the show found it’s feet really but at least they should be able to end it on their own terms which is a gift few shows ever get.