New York Comic-Con Round-Up

Aside from the exciting news which we’ve already covered here at Leaky that Agent Coulson lives (!) and more on the Firefly animated series (!!), there was a plethora of comics information and teases released at this past weekend’s New York Comic-Con.  For those of you more interested in the page than the stage, consider this post your clearing-house of the biggest (as judged by ye faithful comic book editor’s personal choices) comic book stories coming out of NYCC!

A big thank you is due to Newsarama and Comic Book Resources, two excellent comics-focused sites whose coverage I relied on since, sadly, I couldn’t make it to the con itself.  I linked only to CBR’s articles simply because I found their archive of older stories easier to navigate, but I followed both sites throughout the weekend to gather all this info.  These news bites will presented in bullet form, complete with links to those two sites and my own opinionated babble.

  • Brian Michael Bendis & Steve McNiven on Guardians of the Galaxy – Surprising just about nobody, Bendis was finally officially announced as writing a new Guardians of the Galaxy comic, spinning out of their Bendis-penned appearance recently in Avengers Assemble.  With the Guardians’ movie coming up, their return to their own title seemed all but assured, and here it finally is.  Along with All-New X-Men this seems to be Bendis’ biggest new post-Avengers project, so I’m interested to see where he goes when it comes to “cosmic.”
  • Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness on new NOVA – The popular team of Loeb and McGuinness (who together have worked on Superman, Superman/Batman, and Hulk, amongst other projects) announced their next project as a take on Marvel’s cosmic teen, Nova.  This is a new iteration of the character, one first introduced in the just-finished Avengers vs. X-Men mega-event.  I have to admit, as blasé as their work may sometime be, I’m a sucker for Loeb/McGuinness – they’re the summer blockbuster of comics, for me, in that I know I’m always going to get something pretty and fun, even if it’s light on substance or structure.
  • Nick Spencer & Luke Ross on Secret Avengers – Answering the question of “whatever happened to Nick Spencer at Marvel?” we have the announcement of a new, cloak-and-dagger themed “Secret Avengers” comic.  I’m a huge Spencer fan and was beginning to go crazy for the lack of him (I’m a trade-waiter when it comes to his fabulous Image comic Morning Glories), so this news is all kinds of yes to me.
  • David Goyer & Geoff Johns writing a “DC event” – In an interview at NYCC, writer David Goyer (co-writer of “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”) let slip, perhaps accidentally, that he will be reuniting with his old JSA writing partner (and DC Chief Creative Officer/go-to-writer) Geoff Johns for some kind of vague 13-issue event.  Though Marvel has certainly been bogged down in event fatigue over the past couple years, DC has yet to present a major crossover event in the New 52, so perhaps this project could be it.  The JSA work produced by the pair was amongst the best superhero comics . . . well, ever, so I’m excited for this, whatever it should turn out to be.
  • Image Comics announces a lot – Just as Image, in my opinion, had the most interesting/exciting news at San Diego this summer, at NYCC they similarly rolled out announcements of a plethora of exciting upcoming projects, including  the reunion of Andy Diggle and Jock on a new book called “Snapshots”; two Matt Fraction projects, one with Chip Zdarsky called “Sex Criminals” (not at all meant to titillate, I’m sure) and one with Howard Chaykin called “Satellite Sam”; a solo project from Chaykin called “Midnight of the Soul”; Kieren Gillen and Ryan Kelly with a new book called “Three”; a new Paul Pope project, “One-Trick Rip-Off”; and two efforts from Jonathan Hickman, “East of West” with artist Nick Dragotta and solo project “Feel Better Now,” which had previously been pulled after already being solicited.  Go to the link for more information about those books and announcements about several others!
  • Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy at Vertigo – Snyder and Murphy are two creators who cut their teeth (pun intended) at Vertigo, rocketing to stardom with “American Vampire” and “Joe the Barbarian,” respectively.  The two previously teamed on an American Vampire mini-series, and now they’re back with an intriguing horror miniseries, “The Wake,” set amongst the oceans.
  • Jeff Lemire’s Next Vertigo Project – With his “Sweet Tooth” wrapping up sonn, Jeff Lemire will keep up his Vertigo work with a new time-bending love story, “Trillium.”
  • Actual Legends at Legendary – Legendary Comics, whose biggest release so far was Frank Miller’s . . . odd political rant HOLY TERROR!, have brought on a couple of actual legends for two upcoming comics projects – Grant Morrison and Guillermo del Toro, who will both be producing new comics for the company.
  • Diggle, Snyder, & Lee on Superman – In perhaps the biggest comic news of the con (although some of it was leaked shortly before-hand), British writer Andy Diggle will be following up Grant Morrison’s run on “Action Comics,” while Scott Snyder will be writing a new Superman title, “Man of Steel,” with pencils by DC co-publisher Jim Lee.  Superman is, I must admit, my favorite character, and Diggle and Snyder are amongst my favorite writers these days.  Jim Lee’s previous run on Superman, with writer Brian Azzarello, was a bit of a departure for the character, as interpreted through Azzarello’s idiosyncratic style which is a bit on the dark side.  Thus, I’m pretty dang excited to see Lee finally take on a more “classic” Superman, from the same writer (Snyder) currently giving us some classic Batman stories.

There was, of course, tons of other news from NYCC, but these are just the bits and baubles I was particularly excited about.  Which of these projects (or any of the others announced at the con) excites you?

  • Leah Cornish

    I went to the Legendary panel, and I am ridiculously excited for the Grant Morrison’s Annihilator. It sounded really cool.