New Star Trek Beyond Photos Show Off New Uniforms and New Set

Star Trek Beyond is only 3 short months away and we’ve heard next to nothing about it since it began shooting last year. Even during CinemaCon, which both producer J.J. Abrams and writer Simon Pegg attended, no new trailer or big bits of info dropped aside from the announcement that a trailer would be premiering during a fan event this coming May. If there’s one thing we have been teased relentlessly with, it’s photos.

Paramount has been dropping one here and there for the last couple of weeks, but today 6 new photos surfaced on the Chinese language website for Check Magazine, and they feature our favorite Enterprise crew on the bridge of the USS Franklin, which we saw concept art for earlier this year. The photos show off the new uniforms debuting in the new film, which feature a smoother fabric with clean lines, looking a bit more retro-Trek than the previous uniforms used while also feeling even more futuristic. We also get another detailed look at the away-mission uniforms donned by half the crew.

Check out the amazing photos below:

crew-franklin-bridge lin-bridge pine-lin saldana urban-quinto yelchin-pine-cho


We have so many questions! Why is Spock wearing what looks like a red uniform and not blue? How did the crew find their way onto the Franklin to begin with? Where is the Enterprise? Why haven’t we seen a new trailer, yet?!

We’re itching to see more from what is sure to be a major Summer hit, and an exciting way to continue celebrating Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary.