New Star Trek Beyond Image Shows Simon Pegg and Sofia Boutella Teaming Up


If you’re a Trek fan, you’re probably incredibly excited about the new movie coming out during Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, and you’re probably also incredibly frustrated at the lack of information about said movie. But while we’re still waiting on a second trailer to drop, USA Today released a brand new official photo from Star Trek Beyond, accompanied by a few tantalizing tidbits about the film.

star trek beyond still

One of the few things we do know about Star Trek Beyond is that the Enterprise crashes on an alien planet, separating the crew into many small groups, which we saw a bit of in the trailer. Kirk appears to be on his own while Sulu and Uhura manage to keep a majority of the crew close by, and Bones and Spock land together. And it looks like Scotty survives crash landing on the side of a mountain long enough to meet Jaylah, a member of a new alien species played by Sofia Boutella.

According to director Justin Lin the movie will put a lot of focus on all members of the crew, something fans have voiced concerns about in the previous New Trek films.

“Kirk and Spock is the heart of the ensemble, but we all have love for everybody else,” Lin says. “It was to be able to not only showcase these characters but also to be able to push them and interact and react to certain obstacles.”

Star Trek Beyond comes to theaters July 22.