New Spider-Man Trailer Digs Deep

Managing Editor

The new Amazing Spider-Man trailer launched with last night’s midnight showing of The Avengers. Check it out over at

This second full-length trailer shows us a bit more of Garfield’s portrayal of our favorite web-slinger. He’s cocky and snarky in the suit, but vulnerable on the street. There’s present danger from multiple sides – with Denis Leary’s Capt. George Stacy hunting down the masked man, and Rhys Ifans’ Dr. Connor/Lizard taunting the kid beneath. We’re treated with themes from the books that are potentially far less familiar to most movie-going fans, specifically the life and  death of Peter’s absent parents. Then we have Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy serving up equal parts sincerity and vamp, and in turn actually making me interested in the potential for this character.

It feels darker. It feels like there’s a little bit of grit in its teeth. I’m mildly concerned that it will suffer for that. The Spider-Man that sits in the cultural consciousness of the average moviegoer isn’t necessarily up to date on the more tragic pieces of Peter’s life. It’s easy to do a darker Batman, because of all the “criminals are a cowardly lot,” gravelly-voiced, night flying shenanigans. People aren’t used to Peter Parker being dour.

But then people aren’t used to Peter dealing with a duality in his nature. People aren’t used to this kid who steps into something much bigger than himself, and learning about the far-reaching consequences. People aren’t used to the mystery shrouding the story of his parents, which is potentially as crushing as Bruce Wayne’s tale. And when we examine their equally long histories, I think Spider-Man ultimately has much more to answer for. And he does so in a much more human manor.

Bottom line? This @#$%’s gonna get real. And if nothing else, it can’t be worse than Spider-Man 3. So there’s hope!

What do you guys think? Give the trailer a gander and sound off in the comments!