New A Song Of Ice And Fire Book in October, But Not The One We Expected


George R.R. Martin is releasing a new book as part of the A Song of Ice and Fire universe this upcoming October, but it is not the much-anticipated next instalment of the series. That’s right, GRRM has been working on something that is not The Winds of Winter. At least he’s been writing I guess.

Instead, he has teamed up with ASOIAF experts Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson to publish an illustrated, in-depth history of The Seven Kingdoms, from the Dawn Age all the way until the end of Mad King Aerys Targaryen’s rule, which will be called The World of Ice and Fire. If you’re finding it hard to decide whether to be furious that book six was likely delayed by this or to be incredibly excited for more material to add to the texture of the story, we’re right there with you.

The book will likely feature the major myths, legends and stories from the consolidation of Westeros and The Seven Kingdoms, the era of the dragons, the founding of the major houses and so much more. It’s not crazy to believe that learning the backstory and history of some of the people and places in Westeros could inform some of what will happen next, especially legends and tales of winter and the Whitewalkers.

There is a launch event in New York City that will feature signed copies of the book and GRRM himself, and you can try to buy tickets here.

So are you excited, frustrated or a lot of both? Let us know in the comments!

  • Gavin Walsh

    Tbh we have known about this for a good while it was supposed to be out last year but got delayed