New Series by Lizzie Bennet Diaries Team Announced: Emma Approved!


Big news from VidCon today– the long-awaited announcement of the next full-length adaptation by Pemberley Digital!

Yes! Bernie Su, Hank Green, and company will be adapting Jane Austen’s most critically acclaimed novel, Emma, into a vlog-format series entitled Emma Approved. According to Sam Gutelle at Tubefilter:

Emma Approved will have a modern setting to fit with the vlog format. In this case, Emma Woodhouse will be a confident and proud female entrepreneur who, like the literary version, will believe she is an excellent matchmaker.

The show will also incorporate the transmedia elements we knew and loved from the LBD, although no announcement has been made about any Sanditon-esque playground for fans. Whether or not Emma will make use of the Domino platform for her vlogs is also yet to be determined.

When we speculated in March about what the next series might be, a modern vlog-style adaptation of Emma was high on our list. We’re very excited about this new adaptation, launching sometime in the fall, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get more details.


  • kteelee

    A tiny bit disappointed because I was really hoping for Northanger Abbey… but Emma is definitely a solid choice too! Looking forward to it!

  • M. Gabriela Sosa


  • Trillian Black

    Emma was definitely the Austen heroine who was most likely to start vlogging. (Maybe Marianne Dashwood – but I’ve always felt that P&P and Sense and Sensibility do have a lot of similarities).
    Emma is not my favorite Austen novel, but I’m sure a modernization will change a lot of the things that I don’t appreciate as much.

    • Catherine W.

      Marianne would be a GREAT vlogger.

  • Nicole

    I love Emma and I am very happy with this.

  • lollifant

    Good choice, I’m very excited about this! But I do hope they don’t use the Sanditon amount of transmedia, it was a nice experiment, but I’d like to be involved by watching and regularly seeing twitter conversations. And the question is, will any LBD people make a cameo?

  • Catherine W.

    Aaahh I love Emma, this will be so great! I am kind of hoping for the LBD format more than Sanditon.

  • shixar

    I kinda which they use the same actors, because I just love them so much <3

    • Shixar