New Music Video for Chameleon Circuit’s “Teenage Rebel”


Do you remember when you were introduced to Doctor Who for the first time?

The main character of Chameleon Circuit’s new music video for “Teenage Rebel” reminds us what that feeling was like. For the beginning of YouTube’s Geek Week, YouTube put band member Alex Day in touch with the BBC to connect to the Doctor Who production team.

In the video, the somewhat melancholy Boy is brought into the Doctor Who world by a friend. After a day of marathoning the show and playing DW make-believe, he turns his bedroom into the TARDIS with the help of a little imagination. Did we mention that this was filmed on the ACTUAL TARDIS SET?

The video was directed by Ciaran OBrien and Dipak Patel, and stars Quinn and Myles. The song is from Chameleon Circuit’s 2011 album Still Got Legs. And if that’s not enough, here’s a behind the scenes video of the guys on set!

The Angel is moving. STOP BLINKING, ALEX.