New Monster’s University Trailer Is Here

Managing Editor

Ah, college. A time of learning, partying, pranks, and training to be the best Scarer around – well at least if you’re attending school in Monstropolis.

The new, full-length trailer for this summer’s Monster’s University has arrived, and it’s kind of hilarious. The sequel to 2001′s Monster’s Inc reunites Billy Crystal and John Goodman as best friends Mike and Sully. Except this is before they were best friends. They were roommates and nowhere near friends. If you’ve been to college you know the type. That roommate. The one you really did not like. The rivalry between Mike and Sully get them into all sorts of hijinks and set the action of the movie, hinted at in the trailer below.

The trailer is full of laughs, and a few cameos – did anyone else spot Randall with baked goods?  And every time that little purple monster yells “I can’t go back to jail!” I lose it. It probably shouldn’t be that funny. Will you be lining up to see this come June 21st?