New “Kane Chronicles” Cover


Yesterday on his tumblr, Rick Riordan posted the Japanese cover for one of his books in The Kane Chronicles series. Rick says it’s the cover for The Red Pyramid but I’m not so sure about that. He released Japanese cover for The Red Pyramid awhile ago:

The new cover features characters who look very similar to the Carter and Sadie we see on the earlier cover as well as the #2, which leads me to believe this cover is actually for The Throne of Fire:

Which ever cover this happens to be, it’s pretty awesome.

The American graphic novel of The Red Pyramid is now available.

  • winnie

    Actually, both covers are indeed of The Red Pyramid in Japanese. The Japanese publisher is going to publish this book in 2 to 3 volumes. Vol.1 only contains 14 chapters, so I assume there will be 3 volumes for The Red Pyramid in Japanese.
    The Korean publisher does the same thing to this series.