New Harry Potter Covers Let Readers Show House Pride

In case you hadn’t already spent all of your money on scarves, ties, lanyards, shirts, buttons, and other merch to show support for your Hogwarts House, there’s yet another way to show your House pride.

Juniper Books, a specialty bookseller with a focus on building custom libraries and creating unique book sets, has released a set of custom book covers for the Harry Potter books based around each Hogwarts House.

The books look like something you’d see in the actual Hogwarts library, and they’re all absolutely gorgeous (although we have our favorites).


The Gryffindor books are definitely classic, and the red and gold seems really authentic–and they would look downright daring on a bookshelf.


The Hufflepuff covers are probably our favorites. Just look at those cute badgers! These definitely are more whimsical, and I think the creators must have had the personality traits of Hufflepuff in mind when designing them. And since J.K. announced that Teddy Lupin is a Hufflepuff, there’s no better time to show your pride.


Given the bookish nature of Ravenclaws, we’re definitely expecting these editions to fly off the shelves. They look extremely classical, and would definitely fit into any bookworm’s library.

Also, they use blue and bronze (the book colors) instead of the film colors (blue and silver), and we’re extremely here for that.


The Slytherin books definitely play up the Slytherin aesthetic, and the snakes on the front (see below) are really tasteful. They’re dark, but also not too over-the-top.

I mean, how can you resist these?

This new set of Harry Potter books are identical on the inside, and use the American versions. So maybe these aren’t books you buy to bring to college and cart around between moves…but they would look amazing in a personal library.

They’ll set you back $275…but in the end, what’s money compared to the eternal glory of winning the House Cup? You can buy the books here (and don’t mind us enviously looking over your shoulder when you do).