New Details About Wizarding World Expansion

The good folks over at MuggleNet have some juicy news about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion park in Florida. We’d previously brought you the lowdown of what the new theme park will consist of, but now we’re getting into the real details of what the Wizarding World expansion will entail.

The first tidbit concerns the Hogwarts Express. We know that there will be a version of the Express running between the two parks (which are in separate areas of Universal Studios). Now it’s revealed that there will be three trains, running on monorail type tracks, playing videos where the windows should be! Could it be the video that was rumored to be in production all the way back in December? Time will tell! But apparently there were six different movies filmed, one of which will play on each ride. Inevitably this will sell tickets to both parks, as Universal execs must already be salivating over the thought of how much money this is gonna make.

Also according to MuggleNet, the Gringotts coaster is everything we’ve dreamed of and more: high speed, carts, underground, dragons, the works. I don’t know about you, but for me that will easily be the highlight of any future Wizarding World visits. Except perhaps seeing you all at LeakyCon 2014! We hope to see you all there and meet you for a cold butterbeer in the Leaky Cauldron, one of the other additions to the Diagon Alley park.

Lastly, the official announcement for the expansion park is said to come in 4 – 6 weeks, with the July 2014 opening date we previously brought you being, obviously, accurate.

Such exciting news! What’s your favorite part of the expansion park so far? Anything you hoped for that you’re not seeing yet? Tell us in the comments!

  • Arielle

    I’m super excited for this Gringotts ride! Ever since I started hearing rumours about the expansions (which was basically when the first park opened) I have been secretly hoping they were going to turn the Gringotts scene from the film into a ride. It was one of the few things I always felt was missing from the park. Now I just hope I can make it back there next summer for LeakyCon2014!

  • Flitzy

    *cryes* I want this! :3