Community Sneak Peek: The Hunger Deans


NBC has released some footage of the upcoming season premiere of Community (less than a month!!!), and it is full of Dean Pelton in women’s clothing, shirtless men, unicorn costumes and Hunger Games references.

Wait, Hunger Games references? That’s right, to get into the apparently highly popular “History of Ice Cream” class, the study group is going to have to compete in a set of challenges that aims to weed out the weak, unambiguously called “The Hunger Deans” (which may be Dean Pelton’s worst one yet). If the class ends up consisting of athletic men, I have a feeling this might be a ploy to create a class for the Dean to drool over. At least we know Jeff will be in it.

Check out the preview below and let us know what you think!

  • Kara

    I am psyched. At this point, I will probably laugh hysterically throughout every episode no matter how good or bad they are because I’ve been so Community-deprived. Hurry up, please, February.