New Capitol Couture Edition for Catching Fire


You might remember that prior to The Hunger Games Lionsgate came out with Capitol Couture, a magazine that covers the latest fashions and trends in the Capitol. The newest edition is now available, called Chroma Nouveau which follows the March Special Edition: Capitol Portraits. It can be found here.

This edition features “exclusive new looks at CATCHING FIRE, Cover Stories, Capitol ‘Inspired’ Looks, Designer, Character Profiles, Guides, and read about the designers behind the fashion of Catching Fire.”

It’s amazingly well laid out and beautiful to navigate, right from the flowers that appear when you mouse over the Chroma Nouveau on the cover page. This has the beauty and aesthetic of a high end fashion magazine and I can’t wait for the next one to come out. There’s even a place to submit your own Capitol-inspired styles, and a preview of her Victory Tour looks.

Love those eyelashes Effie! Here’s a sample of the fashions:

  • Bryan

    These are gorgeous!

  • Ivette Estrada

    I am seriously so excited for this film!