Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is Getting the Comic Book Treatment


Another of Neil Gaiman’s stories is getting a comic book adaptation! In addition to its Starz mini series, Gaiman’s American Gods will be turned into a Dark Horse comic series, hitting shelves in 2017. The series will  be written by P. Craig Russell and illustrated by Scott Hampton, with covers by Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown. The first cover features Buffalo, a buffalo-headed man who visits protagonist Shadow Moon in his dreams throughout the book.

buffalo man


“There’s a tremendous amount of excitement, in my house and in the world, about the American Gods TV series coming up on Starz. What we’ve managed to keep a secret until now is that there is something just as exciting out there: American Gods, the comic,” Gaiman said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve been watching P. Craig Russell breaking down the book into comic form, watching Scott Hampton painting the pages, watching Glenn Fabry create the covers, and grinning to myself with delight, because the American Gods comic is going to be an astonishing, faithful, and beautiful adaptation.”

Not only is this not the first of Gaiman’s novels to become a comic, it’s not the first time Russell has worked on a Gaiman comic. Russel illustrated Gaiman’s Coraline and The Graveyard Book comics, and he also drew the “Ramadan” issue of the famous Sandman comic adaptation.

American Gods tells the story of Shadow Moon, an ex-convict who gets out of jail early courtesy of the untimely death of his wife only to immediately be employed by Mr Wednesday, the Norse god Odin in disguise. Shadow then finds himself in the middle of a battle between the Old Gods of ancient mythology and the New Gods, deities that have sprung from the modern age of technology.

The series will have 27 issues, divided into three different arcs: ShadowsMy Ainsel, and The Moment of the Storm. The first issue is set to come to shops March 15th, 2017. A Wednesday, fittingly enough.