Musician Profile: Patty Pierzchala


We’re getting really excited about LeakyCon here on LeakyNews! To prepare for the massive amount of awesome that will be this week, we are highlighting the finalists in LeakyCon’s LeakyStars competition in our Musician Profile series. We spoke with Kirstyn Hippe back in February. But today, it’s time to meet Patty Pierzchala!

LeakyNews: How did you get started in music? How long have you been performing and what instrument(s) do you play?

Patty Pierzchala: Goodness, this is a long and complicated story. When I was about 7 years old, my friend, Sarah, and I messed around with this old organ she had in her basement. I remember one day when we ran up and down the stairs trying to figure out how to play “Chopsticks” by watching the floor piano scene in Big. I took some piano lessons for a few years, too, and I had the coolest piano teacher ever (She posts Star Wars memes and things on my Facebook wall daily!). I learned things like “Bohemian Rhapsody” when other kids were doing “Für Elise.” But I’d say that I really “got started” in marching band. I re-taught myself how to read music and started playing xylophone, which led to a rediscovery of the piano, which inevitably caused me to teach myself to play guitar. As for the instruments, I play auxiliary percussion (marimba is my specialty), guitar, ukulele, piano, mandolin, and melodica. And I sing a whole lot, too.

LN: How did you get involved with the online music community?

PP:  Well, my best friend got me addicted to wizard rock and YouTube. Somewhere along the line, I felt the need to jump right in and start making my own fandom music and videos. People started taking notice when I wrote a bunch of songs about the Sam/Freddie pairing from iCarly and put them on my YouTube channel. It’s taken a while to get where I am now, and I have so much more to learn! But I am always supremely stoked about the content I put out and I can’t wait for what’s coming up next.

LN: You’re in LeakyStars by yourself, but you’re also in a band. Tell us a bit about Dingoes Ate My Baby.

PP: Dingoes Ate My Baby (AKA Lav²) is the collaboration of myself and my best friend, Mackenzie Bush. She’s easily my favorite person to work with because we think so differently, yet completely understand what the other is trying to say. Most of the time, one of us will start writing some lyrics and the other will finish the song like it was hers in the first place.
The band named after Oz’s band in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dingoes started when we put up a video for our song, “I Kissed a Nerd,” and it got a crazy number of views for us two high school sophomores. We came out with our first album, Argus Filks, last summer, as a fun way to raise a little extra money for LeakyCon 2011, and then we were featured on Jingle Spells 5 with our song, “Unsent.” We write a lot of original material, but I like to think that we are the best at writing parodies. We actually just released “At LeakyCon,” a parody of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night,” and all proceeds from the song are going to the This Star Won’t Go Out Foundation.

LN: Your music covers a lot of different fandoms. Which one is your number one?

PP: My number one fandom is probably Harry Potter, though my excessive collection of Star Wars paraphernalia begs to differ. Let’s just say I alternate between my Voldemort and Empire Strikes Back lunch boxes.

LN: What is your favorite song to perform?

PP: Probably “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis. It has a lot of killer notes and clever one-liners that resonate well with the right audience, I think.

LN: After LeakyCon, what’s next?

PP: Soon here, I’m auditioning for GR’s Got Talent, a talent show for West Michigan people like myself. Also, I’m trying desperately to finish my Muggle music EP in the net few months. It should be up on my BandCamp page before September. And there has been talk of a new Lav² album.

LN: Who is your favorite musician/group of all time?

PP: Easily, Meg & Dia. I learned how to play guitar by listening to Our Home is Gone. The way their music evolves and somehow keeps the same charm is so inspirational to me. I’m excited to see what each of the Frampton sisters releases in the future.

LN: Hogwarts house?

PP: Pottermore let me choose between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. However, as illustrated by my Converse shoes and House tie, my allegiance lies with GRYFFINDOR!

LN: We love a good hat stall. Thanks for talking with us, Patty! 


Make sure you check out all three finalists! We are excited to hear their performances at LeakyCon! The LeakyStars finals will be on Saturday, August 11 at 5:30pm on the Main Stage.