Musician Profile: Alex Day


Y’all may have heard of Alex Day. LeakyNews got the chance to ask Alex a few questions about his involvement in music last week for our latest Musician Profile.

LeakyNews: How did you get started in music? How long have you been performing?

Alex Day: Playing for about eight years now, and performing sporadically for about four. My nan bought me an acoustic guitar one Christmas and I never looked back.

LN: What instrument(s) do you play?

AD: I can bluff basically anything with a string if I need to, nothing with a bow or any kind of breath control. In the past I’ve played keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, ukulele, and mandolin.

LN: How did you get involved with the online music community?

AD: That’s flattering of you – I don’t feel I’m at all involved with the online music community! I just do my own thing and it happens to work online. My biggest success secret is that I don’t spend much time talking about music – I just mess around and share other things about my life, family anecdotes and silly things, because people care more about that than about some song I heard that I like.

LN: Tell us about “Forever Yours.”

AD: It was my first real attempt to break myself as a musician, to start taking myself seriously instead of just releasing things for the fun of it. I realised music makes me happier than anything else and so if I was going to sustain myself properly doing it, and call it my career and be proud of it, I needed that extra rung on the musical success ladder. Then I was fortunate that a lot of my audience supported that. We raised about £30,000 for World Vision and got to #4 without any outside help – no label, no big radio airplay, no press.

LN: Tell us about Soup Sessions. Why vinyl?

AD: Well, Soup was always something I specifically did for my audience – as opposed to everything else I do, which is for myself – so I thought that went hand-in-hand with trying out the LP as a release format and seeing how it would work. It’s done well, although DFTBA hilariously had to add a disclaimer to the sales page saying “this is NOT a CD”. I love the sound of stripped acoustic stuff on record players with that gorgeous crackle and thought it’d be a nice testing ground for that.

LN: What’s happening with Chameleon Circuit?

AD: Absolutely nothing. But that’s alright – Chameleon Circuit very rarely do anything worthwhile. Every couple years we get together and work very intensely to record a whole album, and then we release it and then don’t talk to each other for ages. It’s not our main project for any of us, so we all get distracted by other things. Maybe in mid-2013 we’ll all suddenly appear in a video together and organise our thoughts for the third album, but none of us are really planning anything at the moment.

LN: What’s next?

AD: I’ll be releasing at least three more singles this year, the most immediate of which will be out on April 1st. And each time I’ll try to beat the record of Forever Yours, do a bit better until there’s some kind of epic tipping point that means people can no longer ignore me. We’ll see how it goes.

LN: Who is your favorite musician/group of all time?

AD: Well, the Beatles is a classic obvious choice. I’m also a huge fan of Green Day, as I love the energy they put into their music and they’re also quite Beatles-influenced; my favourite song of theirs is actually a slow one called “Last Night On Earth.” They actually use the phrase “sending all my love to you” in basically the same way the Beatles do in “All My Lovin’.”

LN: Favorite candy?

AD: Bounty bars, for reasons that involve both my taste buds and a particularly pleasant and personal association. (It would be Tropical Skittles but you can’t bloody get them in the UK…)


Thanks, Alex! We hope you reach that tipping point.
You can purchase “Forever Yours” and Soup Sessions on iTunes. There are still several hand-numbered vinyl copies of Soup Sessions left, which you can find here.  In addition to YouTube, Alex is on Facebook and Twitter. LeakyNews will keep you updated on Alex’s upcoming single, and be sure to stay tuned later this week for a Musician Profile from a certain someone who shares a home with Alex!