More Monsters University Clips and Umbrella Love


With the release of the highly anticipated prequel to Pixar’s Monsters Inc, Monsters University,  coming ever closer new clips have been released  as well a still for the pre-movie short. You may want to skip the videos to avoid potential spoilers.

The first clip form the film shows Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) waking up in a rather awkward situation on their first morning;

Well the second clip has little less tension, and a little more heart;

Aww, very classic Pixar.

As well as these clips, Pixar also released a glimpse at the preceding short – a love story about two umbrellas…

The premise for this short may sound slightly bizarre at first, but creator Saschka Unseld explained his thinking behind the story to The Hollywood Reporter;

“I stopped because it [a broken umbrella] looked like such a sad thing, and rain was pouring on it. I was feeling sad for an umbrella; I think that stuck with me. Rain is a magical place. I wanted the soul of the film to be a love declaration to the rain, that celebrates the rain.”

So it’s also a love story to the rain as well? Umbrellas falling in love. In the rain. It’s the age old story!

Even though the story sounds very random, Pixar are well known for making that work. The animation for the short is also, according to the Reporter, this short is “a striking departure from the stylized worlds that we have become accustomed to seeing in Pixar’s work” due to the fact that it is a full CG animation, creating photorealism. So it looks like Pixar are taking another leap in the animation world.

Check out the fantastic CG creation in the still below.



Both films can be viewed in cinemas, June 21 2013.