Monopoly the Musical May Be Headed For Broadway


In an era when every toy, game, and even select snack foods are being turned into movies it was probably just a matter of time until board game Broadway shows were inevitably on the way.

Monopoly, the classic board game that’s been destroying families and friendships since 1935, is about to become a stage musical.

A movie based on the game has had many false starts over the years but could never seem to pass Go and collect $200. Now a new partnership between Hasbro and Araca Group has plans to make its first project a Monopoly musical aimed for Broadway. Yes, we said first project. Given Hasbro’s catalogue there are so many more properties it will probably attempt to develop for the stage, from Broadway to cruise ships and everything in between.

While the news had us rewriting Les Mis lyrics in the GeekyNews offices (“The dice hit doubles and they’re mine /
I’ll have to roll a second time / One jail more”) it definitely doesn’t mean this seems like a good idea.

It’s just a shame Little Shop of Horrors already has a song called “Somewhere That’s Green.”