Monday Musings: “I Loved That! …Except for That One Thing.”


Welcome to Monday Musings, GeekyNews’ curious weekly feature! We’ll be posting gloriously geeky and fabulously fandom-related questions here every week and we want to hear what you – yes, you, fair GeekyNews readers – have to say. Allons-y!

Nothing is perfect. Not even the things we love. Because our faves are problematic LOL JK. To reiterate many a Tumblr post, it is totally cool to like a thing that has certain less-than-great aspects, especially if you’re mindful of said flaws and willing to engage in debates and general chat about it all. That’s what makes the merry fandom wheel go round.

Like that show you love with that one season where everything just went to hell – Buffy’s fourth season, Veronica Mars’ third, Community’s fourth, etc. Or that episode that was just weirdly off (Beer Bad, anyone?). Or that character that was just poorly considered (remember Billy Baldwin’s stint on Gossip Girl? WELL NOW YOU DO.). Or that story you loved except where they kind of shoehorned in a love triangle or a romance that didn’t feel right (Pitch Perfect, amirite?).

Things could get more meta than that. Maybe you loved the show but felt kind of iffy about the fandom. Maybe you loved the book but kind of can’t stand the author. Maybe you loved the movie but you kind of loathe the lead actor’s IRL persona. We accept meta-answers.

So tell us: what flies are in your satisfaction ointment when it comes to your favorite shows, books, movies, games, comics, etc oh you know the drill. Give us your answers! Then give us even more answers! Share your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams! …once you’ve given us your answers of course.

We’re here. We’re waiting (wow that’s not creepy.) TELL AWAY.

  • QED42

    I’ve mentioned before I am a big fan of Apocalypse Now but I have never really been a fan of the use of synthesizers on the sound track really dates the film to the 80s. I also always thought that James Caan really stuck out as miss cast in The Godfather, doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the family.

    Tron: Legacy and to a lesser extent Prometheus are two films that skirted greatness with their general execution but both ended up being massively undercut by weak scripts.

    I’m still trying to work out what I think about the ending of Interstellar. To me the last 20 or 30 minutes felt unnecessary one first viewing. There is a little piece I have tried to start writing on the film but I’m still mulling things over.

  • Ingvild Oset

    I love How I Met Your Mother… except that it’s filled to the brim with sexism. Everything from the guys treating women like prey, to Robin practically hating feminine women, to all the jokes about “not having balls,” or that Marshall is a girl. It’s almost enough to make me physically unwell at times, but I love the show despite of all that.

  • The Chu

    While I think Buffy is the “funner” show, I’ve always considered Angel to be the better quality one (DAT THEME SONG). However, I just CAN’T STAND the majority of Season 4, especially with how much I hate Connor. The worst thing about it is that when Angel was being shown often on late night TNT, it would *always* be something from Season 4. UGH.