Mockingjay Slays on Black Friday, But Still Lags Behind Catching Fire

Mockingjay was this year’s biggest release, making $123 million during its opening weekend. However, it did not exceed the totals of either Catching Fire or the original Hunger Games movie in the domestic box offices.

Many experts are theorizing why the movie has come up short, but it appears that this is a common trend in the movie industry, and nothing for fans to get too worried about. For example, Mockingjay is the first Hunger Games movie not to be released in IMAX, which has higher ticket prices and could have shot up the gross. Others are blaming “transitional movie syndrome,” the fact that this movie is the least action-packed of the bunch, and even the harsh weather in some places.

The film has also garnered mixed reviews. It is certified fresh through Rotten Tomatoes with a 66% rating, but there are several biting critic’s reviews on the site. But fans seem to have enjoyed the film overall, with 77% of audiences liking it. Our staff reactions post included mostly positive reactions as well.

Mockingjay is remaining steady in the box office, despite slightly lower early release numbers. The movie has dominated both on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, greatly outselling other sequels Horrible Bosses 2 and Penguins of Madagascar, as well as popular new-ish releases like Big Hero 6 and Interstellar.

In addition, Jennifer Lawrence’s rendition of “The Hanging Tree” is now positioned at number 29 on the U.K. charts after calculating midweek sales. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should check it out.

Have you seen Mockingjay yet? And if so, let us know what you thought!