Meet Up at Midnight at the Hanging Tree


With the recent Hunger Games hype (there was a movie, didn’t you know?), it’s only expected that musically talented YouTubers get involved in their way. Whether it’s HG-rock (hrock? hgrock?) [Editor's Note: Rockingjay!] or beautiful renditions of “The Hanging Tree” (from Mockingjay), we are totally enjoying the work of these brilliant people!

These videos contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Alex Carpenter‘s ”Silver Parachutes” is on his second Hunger Games EP, Fire Is Catching.

Rae Sterling‘s version of “The Hanging Tree” is hauntingly gorgeous. The video has some serious shaky cam action, months before the film’s release, thanks to vlogger sister Sarah‘s filming talents.

This amazing music video for “Arena” is produced by Meghan Camarena and Joey Graceffa, featuring a whole pack of YouTubers and music by The Tributes.

Finally, we are proud to have a wonderful musician right here on LeakyNews! Here is editor Lex Croucher‘s canonic version of “The Hanging Tree.”


Do you have a favorite Hunger Games song? Share it with us in the comments!

  • Joshuay

    OMG Lex! Gorgeous!

  • Katemu

    I’ve heard it referred to as “Rockingjay” I think it’s clever and more original. Has a ring to it too.

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