Maureen Johnson’s “Name of the Star” Challenge


Our good friend Maureen Johnson, the novelist/LeakyCon Lit organizer/madcap Twitter adventurer extraordinaire, has issued a challenge to the Internet. If the paperback sales rank for Name of the Star, her awesome ghost thriller and first in the Shades of London series, drops below 1,000, she will make a video. If it drops under 100, she will make one every day for a week.

If you have any question about whether this is something you should a) do, b) encourage your friends to do, c) organize petitions and on-the-ground movements to get done, well, we give you the evidence of past Maureen Johnson videos.

There’s no excuse. Get out there and get campaigning. Name of the Star, Top of the Charts!

  • kctw

    If it goes BELOW 1,000 or ABOVE 1,000?

    • Jordan

      If the paperback sales rank goes below a thousand (aka, the pre-order sales go up).

      It’s a low-is-good thing…like golf. Or something.