Highlights from Marvel’s Comic-Con Panel

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In addition to the Age of Ultron news we received at the end of Marvel’s panel tonight, we also received considerable updates on Thor: The Dark WorldCaptain America: Winter Soldierand Guardians of the GalaxyEntertainment Weekly had a pretty solid breakdown, but here are the highlights from each!


Thor: The Dark World


Tom Hiddleston delighted the audience to a live performance as Loki, wherein he basically subjugated the entire crowd.

Hiddleston, er, Loki unleashes an Asgardian-style Don Rickles routine, insulting the miserable mass of humanity before him. Then asks: “Say my name?”

LOKI!!! the crowd roars

“Say my NAME!” he says, no longer asking.

The crowd chants: LOKI …! LOKI …! LOKI ….!

Hiddleston smiles: “Then I have an army.”

I know what you’re thinking. “Ohemgee I’d give anything to see that.” Well, thanks to Slashfilm’s Instagram, you can.

IGN describes the footage as follows:

It opens with a battle on Asgard between Thor, the Warriors Three, and Sif against the Dark Elves. Thor and Sif have a flirty repartee going during the battle, which ends with Thor taking on a rock monster from Journey Into Mystery #83, Thor’s debut issue. We then see the carnage being wrought on Earth by Malekith’s ships. Thor rescues Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and takes her to Asgard, where we get a reversal of the fish out of water story of the first film.

And apparently, at some point Jane slaps Loki and says, “That’s for New York.” Hell yes. With any luck, we’ll have the footage up before the weekend is out!

  • Rich

    I too am really psyched for Guardians. Even more so now knowing that Ronan & Collector are in this one. They have assembled a very good, interesting ensemble of actors. Dont want to blow up your comments section,but I am excited even more now for the Cap & Thor sequels. Thanks for all the insights man.