Marvel roundup: “Winter Soldier” poster, Thor 3 and rumors of Captain America 3

It’s been a busy couple days for Marvel news, which means tons of goodness for us.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier promo posters

We’ve got beautiful new Captain America: Winter Soldier character posters, including one of the cap looking pretty morose. These images suggest a darker film than the first, in keeping with the general trend post-Avengers. 

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Thor 3 and Captain America 3 confirmed?

Rumors have been swirling the past couple days about third installments for both Captain America and Thor.

The Thor 3 plans seem definitive. This comes from a Marvel press release announcing that Thor: The Dark World executive producer Craig Kyle will “co-write the next installment of Thor with Christopher Yost.” Kyle has also worked as a writer for X-Force and New X-Men, and is stepping down from his producer role to focus on writing for Thor 3.

The Captain America 3 rumors, however, are coming from a Variety article that only lists “sources” confirming the third film. In it, Variety claims that Joe and Anthony Russo were in talks to direct the third film. The Russos were brought on to direct the second film.

Without confirmation from Marvel, we’re treating this as a rumor for now.

Here are the rest of the Winter Soldier photos. Apparently Chris Evans was worried about his “dumbo ears,” but he’s looking pretty great to us!


Captain America helmet
Black Widow
nick furry
  • QED42

    This is the Marvel release I am really looking forward to, lets hope they got this one right. All the hints are they might have with the prominent placing of Black Widow in the advertising.