Marvel Announces New Iron Man: Riri Williams

Managing Editor

If you’ve been keeping up with Marvel’s Civil War II you know there’s a lot of changes coming down the pike for Marvel’s superhero lineup.

One of the most exciting, as announced over on, is that new character Riri Williams will be taking over the mantle of Iron Man this fall.


A 15-year old MIT student, Riri was teased in an earlier image appearing to be the new War Machine (in a suit that she made herself because she’s a boss). But it appears as though Tony will have different plans for the young genius.


While no one yet knows precisely what Tony Stark’s fate will be at the end of Civil War II, it does appear as though his Iron Man legacy is in very good hands.


Riri joins a growing line of new superheroes that better reflect us as a society. Miles Morales (Spider-man), Jane Foster (Thor), Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Amadeus Cho (Hulk) – all of them have taken on a mantle previously held by white and/or male characters. While there is always room for improvement (some are a little curious as to why Riri’s new book won’t be helmed by a woman of color) it’s still awesome to see honest attempts being made.