“Mark Of Athena” Characters Revealed


In honor of Percy Jackson’s birthday (He’s 16… again!), author Rick Riordan has revealed art for two characters from his upcoming book The Mark of Athena.

Coach Gleeson Hedge will be returning as a passenger of the Argo II and Nemesis, the goddess of revenge will be… well, we don’t know. Riordan isn’t sharing any spoilers but he did tell us this about the goddess:

Nemisis – also known as the goddess of revenge.  This is one lady you do NOT want to run into in a dark alley (or anywhere else, for that matter). What does SHE do?  This woman can shape-shift into any imposing figure you can imagine, if you’re her target.  Which you don’t want to be.  Ever. Noteworthy: Imposing as she is, Nemesis can be bargained with, as demigod Leo will learn…but at what cost?

Sounds like Percy and Jason have their work cut out for them! Riordan will be sharing new character art each week from now until the book’s release on October 2nd on his blog. Make sure to check with LeakyNews for all the latest!