Man of Steel trailer uses LOTR score


The Man of Steel teaser was released online after being shown at The Dark Knight Rises screenings this past weekend. The eerie teaser caused an uproar from fans as it borrows an unmistakable piece of movie magic from the Lord of the Rings films, the music. Man of Steel is being composed by Hans Zimmer whose work includes Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight, The Da Vinci Code and countless others, yet Warner Brothers decided to use the unique sound of composer Howard Shore in the teaser. While trailers frequently use non-original music, rarely do they borrow from such a specific theme. It is very hard to disassociate Howard Shore’s music from the Lord of the Rings. The Man of Steel trailer therefore while beautifully shot, came off as a farce.  The trailer was perfect, as long as you had your hands over your ears. It was not the lack of original music that was problematic, but the use of such a specific and beloved theme. Watch the teaser below and let us know your take in the comments.


Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill is set for release in 2013

  • Gracefire

    Exactly this. I could not get past the use of Howard’s music in the trailer. I know movies use non-original music all the time, but there are done scores (like Star Wars, LotR, and Harry Potter) that are too specific to their films and should be left alone.

    • Gracefire

      *some scores, not “done”.

  • sirpopey

    Didn’t the trailer for two towers use the score from Clint Mansell’s Requiem for a Dream soundtrack? I think it cheapens a trailer, yes. But it’s not entirely farcical to do so.

  • Painted Rider

    Agreed. Shore’s soundtrack just screams “Middle Earth”, and didn’t fit the teaser in my opinion.

  • Carbon658

    Yes, I agree. It’s not a huge deal or anything because very few people remember trailers down the road, but it was very distracting.